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Build Your Own Billet Rifle

This option is for the individual that knows EXACTLY what you want.  The kind of person that shows up to a wedding with your own cooler even though the invitation said that there was an open bar. You do that because you just know that the drink options provided won't meet your high standards.  B.Y.O.B. is always an option for you and now you can do that with one of our rifles!


Start your build with your choice of one of our 7 series billet receiver sets then choose your handguard.  Heck! We even let you choose what color safety selector you want!  Options here are almost limitless so take your time and build exactly what you want.


Base Model Includes:

  • BDRX-15 7075-T6511 billet aluminum receiver set
  • Match grade 16" .223 Wylde barrel (black nitride)
  • 15" X7M free floating handguard
  • 5.56 Durabolt bolt carrier group (black nitride)
  • Upgraded 3.5Lb trigger
  • Ambidextrous safety selector (black)
  • Ambidextrous charging handle (black)
  • F-1 Firearms enhanced takedown pins (black)
  • 5.56 Dragon Slay-AR compensating muzzle device (black nitride)
  • MFT Minimalist stock
  • Black - type III hard anodized
  • Please allow 60-90 days for custom finishes


  • 7 series billet aluminum receiver set
  • 7 series billet aluminum handguard
  • Flared 60 degree deep beveled magwell which aids in quick and easy reloads
  • Oversized triggerguard
  • Oversized ejection port
  • F-1 Firearms lifetime warranty

F-1 Firearms' Color Anodizing Disclaimer: We at F-1 Firearms and our 3rd party anodizing partner try our very best to ensure the highest in quality with regards to our color anodizing. However, our color anodizing is low end Type III (0.0002" – 0.0012” in thickness) which can only be expected to withstand normal wear and tear and F-1 Firearms cannot be held liable for longterm fatigue. The color anodizing process is not a 100% color match every time thus it is expected that their will be some slight color variations in the anodizing and F-1 Firearms cannot be held liable for said variations.