FDR 15 Plus

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F-1 Firearms' FDR-15 Plus is an all American made rifle. The most affordable F-1 Firearms rifle gets a more family-friendly name and a few upgrades! You will find a Rise Armament Rave 140 trigger and Magpul MOE furniture.
The FDR-15 plus warranty is 90 days.
The FDR-15 Plus Parts & Features:
  • Forged 7075-T6511 FDR-15 receiver set
  • Match grade 16" .223 Wylde barrel (black nitride)
  • 13.7” S7M free floating handguard
  • 5.56 Durabolt bolt carrier group (black nitride)
  • Magpul MOE grip (black)
  • Magpul MOE stock (black)
  • MIL-SPEC charging handle
  • MIL-SPEC A2 flash hider
  • Black - type III Anodizing