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AR-10 (Built to Order)

  • BDR-10-3G Skeletonized Rifle

    BDR-10-3G Skeletonized Rifle

    Bringing lightweight stature and cosmetic perfection to the large-frame AR variant arena is the BDR-10-3G Skeletonized Rifle. Like its little brother, the BDR-10-3G is an industry first and one-of-a-kind. One of the lightest setups in the industry - this...

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  • BDR-10 Billet Full Build Rifle

    BDR-10 Billet Full Build Rifle

    Expanding on the F-1 Firearms BDR line is the large-frame BDR-10 Rifle. The BDR-10 rifle, available in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, delivers long range capability in unmistakable F-1 Firearms fashion. The BDR-10 is a DPMS “High” patterned rifle...

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  • BDRx-10 Skeletonized Rifle

    BDRx-10 Skeletonized Rifle

    The F-1 Firearms BDRX-10 full build rifle features the following:  Patented F-1 Firearms skeletonized design Lightweight at 1.29 pounds Features 2 QD points located on the rear of the lower receiver which provide quick detach for slings Unison...

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