FU KING F15 Forged Rifle

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Introducing the all American made FU KING F15 line of rifles!
The most affordable F-1 Firearms rifles.
The FU KING rifle does not come with upgraded parts.  You will find basic AR MIL-SPEC parts on this FU KING rifle.
The FU KING rifle is available in BLACK, or BLACK, or on special request FU KING BLACK.
The FU KING warranty is 90 days.
The FU KING rifle is in stock
The FU KING rifle features the following parts:
  • F-1 Firearms FU KING F15 forged receiver set
  • 13” M-LOK free float handguard
  • 16” 5.56 NATO mid length 1:8 twist stainless barrel
  • Black Nitride bolt carrier group
  • MIL-SPEC stock and grip
  • MIL-SPEC charging handle
  • A2 flash hider
People ask why would you make such an inexpensive FU KING rifle?  Some people would rather spend their money on smokes, or car parts, or heating, or court ordered child support than an expensive FU KING rifle.  We hear you!
When someone asks why you need a FU KING Rifle?  Whether it’s for vampires, self-protection, me too, short man syndrome, hunting, or WWIII that’s your business You tell them this FU KING rifle is made by F-1 Firearms, the USA constitution allows it, and most importantly, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg (unless you are irresponsible and point it the wrong way, then it might).
Get your F-1 Firearms FU KING rifle now before we run out!  Get two and have a FU KING party! Anti-gun people, we are working on a firearm, to be released shortly, called the FU KYOU.  However, we are having trouble with the barrel making a 180 degree turn in 16 inches.