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crux-and-f-1.jpgCrux Suppressors and F-1 Firearms Form Joint Operating and Technology Agreement

F-1 Firearms, LLC., the manufacturer of AR-style rifles and skeletonizing features, and Crux Suppressors, which manufactures lightweight titanium silencers, have formed a joint-operating and technology-sharing agreement to supply exciting firearms-suppression devices to customers faster.


The Outdoor Wire - F-1 Firearms Announces Competition Shooting Team

F-1 Firearms is excited to announce its roster for the 2018 F-1 Firearms Shooting Team. The lineup includes accomplished competitive shooters, instructors, and advocates. Two new additions highlight F-1’s commitment to diversity and excellence.


gunivore.pngGunivore - F1 Firearms Review

F1 Firearms is on the rise and there’s no telling how high they will go. The impressive Texas-based firearms manufacturer may be small, but it’s already garnering one hell of a reputation. In fact, these popular modern sporting rifles have found their way into the hearts of famed shooters such as Jerry Miculek and Matt Carriker, the man behind Demolition Ranch...


prepper.pngSurviving Prepper - Behind the Curtain at F-1 Firearms

Let me tell you there are some BADASS perks to living just down the street from F-1 Firearms. This last week, after someone from F-1 saw a review we wrote about their product a while back, I was invited to tour the F-1 Firearms shop to see for myself how their most amazing skeletonized AR-15 is made–and to get a sneak peek at what else they have in development.... 


prepper.pngSurviving Prepper - F-1 Firearms BDR-15-3G Review

Late last year I bought an AR-15 from F-1 Firearms. Now that I have had my F-1 Firearms BDR-15-3G for several months and have put over a thousand rounds through it, I figured it was time to do a full review... 


miculek.pngF-1 Firearms Partners with Team Miculek

SPRING, TX (October 1, 2015) - F-1 Firearms is pleased to announce it’s partnership with Lena Miculek, the two-time IPSC Standard Ladies World Champion, on the release of a new AR-15 handguard, the “Miculek Handguard”...