UDR-15 Style 1 Complete Upper

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Looking for a complete upper that looks as good as it performs? This complete upper, built off of our universal upper receiver - the UDR-15 3G, is the one you want. The upper receiver is made with 7075-T6 aircraft quality domestic aluminum ensuring quality and offers the signature F-1 Firearms 3G skeletonizing for reduced weight and aesthetics. This upper receiver is also universal which makes it compatible with any MIL-SPEC lower out there. Matched with the C7K handguard to complete the lightweight billet elegance and F-1 Firearms performance you have come to expect.

  • Gas block and tube included
  • F-1 Firearms flat faced black compensator
  • AMBI charging handle - black
  • F-1 Firearms NiB matte carrier group
  • Due to current demand, please allow up to 30 days for shipment
  • Please allow 45-60 days for shipment of color pieces
  • F-1 Firearms' Color Anodizing Disclaimer: We at F-1 Firearms and our 3rd party anodizing partner try our very best to ensure the highest in quality with regards to our color anodizing. However, our color anodizing is low end Type III (0.0002" – 0.0012” in thickness) which can only be expected to withstand normal wear and tear and F-1 Firearms cannot be held liable for longterm fatigue. The color anodizing process is not a 100% color match every time thus it is expected that their will be some slight color variations in the anodizing and F-1 Firearms cannot be held liable for said variations.